Convection Oven Systems


Convection Oven Systems

The new series of convection ovens offers convenient ease of use, allowing frozen and baked goods like patisseries, croissants, danish pastries and savouries to be baked fresh daily with consistency and quality.

The new range also provides a broader range of increased tray spacing and loading capacities, especially the 20 Series. This is ideally suited to situations where the bakery is responsible for convenience products.

All Turbofan ovens are available in both American and Euronorm pan sizes and the Turbofan 32 oven offers companion prover/holding cabinets in eight or twelve tray capacity. In addition to scratch baking, these ovens are ideal for bake-off use, such as frozen doughs, pre-proofed frozen doughs and par bake products.

Our Showroom

Take a virtual tour of our custom-designed Q’son Gallery, a bespoke commercial showroom showcasing the latest in kitchen concepts. It’s a quirky, refreshing twist on the run of the mill showrooms that you’ll usually find, and you’ll also get to see what great workflow looks like.

Our showroom also doubles up as a demo kitchen. Since its revamp in April 2020, our Q’son Gallery has hosted over 30 demos and has been “loaned” to various culinary production companies and featured on mainstream media such as Mediacorp. Our clients have also used this as a R&D testbed to innovate new food concepts.

Our Equipment Partners:

Q’son distributes, installs and repairs a broad spectrum of internationally-renowned brands. Regardless of your budget, our wide network of partners makes finding the perfect equipment effortless.

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