At Q’son, we take great pride in helping business owners and F&B entrepreneurs create their dream kitchens affordably, reliably and quickly. Whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, smart/cloud kitchens, café or even a central kitchen, you’ll thrive with professional kitchen equipment that go the distance with you. We provide both end-to-end support and turnkey kitchen solutions in the world of F&B, and we are proud to be an operating subsidiary of Catalist-listed Singapore Kitchen Equipment Limited (SGX: 5WG)


From planning a kitchen to after sales support, we deal with kitchens every day. We are your culinary partner – always by your side as you grow your business.

Whether it’s designing a layout, work processes/work flows, recommending the right/appropriate equipment, installation or commissioning equipment, we do it all at Q’son.

Amidst the hectic and rigorous environment of the kitchen, it’s inevitable that equipment malfunction or break down. We also provide round-the-clock repair services, 365 days a year, so you can have complete peace of mind.

  • Design & Build
  • Supply & Install
  • Corrective Service & Replacement
  • Preventive Maintenance Service

Design & Build

Using the latest and highest levels of international kitchen standards, we design and build kitchens from scratch. We maximize ergonomics, workflows and movements to allow for the optimum kitchen with great efficiency.

Supply & Install

If there’s a particular product in the market that’s not available locally, we can arrange for it to be shipped and installed for you using our wide network. This service has proven very useful for niche kitchens and specialised cuisine.

Corrective Service & Replacement

A broken refrigerator can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in wasted inventory. Likewise, a malfunctioning stove or cooker can result in lost sales during a peak-volume occasion. We help minimize your downtime and save you costs with year-round repairs.

Preventive Maintenance Service

Constant wear and tear, heavy usage and improper handling are some of the common reasons that lead to machines falling below capacity. As such, we conduct regular maintenance checks for all equipment that our clients own.

Our Clientele

Our Featured Products:

Q’son distributes, installs and repairs a broad spectrum of internationally-renowned brands. Regardless of your budget, our wide network of partners makes finding the perfect equipment effortless.


iCombi Pro

iCombi automatic cooking equipment is designed to minimize labour in the kitchen and is also highly effective in ensuring consistency, quality and volume.

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WinterHalter Dishwasher

For more than 50 years, Winterhalter has helped businesses save labour, electricity and water costs by taking manual labour out of dishwashing. We carry a full range of dishwashers to serve all your needs.

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Hoshizaki A-Fit Upright Refrigerator

A trusted and reliable refrigeration brand, Hoshizaki keeps your food fresher and longer with cutting-edge Japanese technology. We carry a complete range for your convenience.

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Irinox Multifresh

A leading name in the blast freezing industry, Irinox sets the de facto standard by keeping frozen food fresher and longer.

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Our Showroom

Take a virtual tour of our custom-designed Q’son Gallery, a bespoke commercial showroom showcasing the latest in kitchen concepts. It’s a quirky, refreshing twist on the run of the mill showrooms that you’ll usually find, and you’ll also get to see what great workflow looks like.

Our showroom also doubles up as a demo kitchen. Since its revamp in April 2020, our Q’son Gallery has hosted over 30 demos and has been “loaned” to various culinary production companies and featured on mainstream media such as Mediacorp. Our clients have also used this as a R&D testbed to innovate new food concepts.

Our Equipment Partners:

Q’son distributes, installs and repairs a broad spectrum of internationally-renowned brands. Regardless of your budget, our wide network of partners makes finding the perfect equipment effortless.

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