We provide the full range of services including consultancy and servicing. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of experienced consultants and engineers provide fast and prompt response to our clients’ needs. Our excellent service and client-driven focus has made us a preferred business partner.

Our technical department has evolved to be one of the twin-core businesses of Q’son. Today, our technical team has expanded to provide servicing and maintenance, repairs, testing and commissioning of all types, brands and models of commercial kitchen equipment on a 24/7, 365 basis. In addition, we have a running inventory of spare parts which minimises down time and increases the efficient performance of each equipment.


Always keeping abreast of the latest technology and trends, we understand what is required in your professional kitchen. Having worked with leading local and international F&B and hospitality establishments, we have the experience and expertise in creating kitchen concepts that maximise ergonomics and workflow. Our well-trained teams of exhaust system technical personnel carry out degreasing and servicing of the kitchen exhaust hoods, ducting and fan motor. We employ the newest form of degreasing and cleaning for the exhaust ducting and fan, using environmentally friendly chemical agents, potent enough to clean yet without damage to the environment.


Let us take on the worry relating to the outfitting of your kitchen. Our experienced and knowledgeable technical team understands the regulatory requirements. We will ensure that safety is never compromised. We take care of the testing and quality to ensure that your new equipment will operate with no or minimal glitches.


Our team is on call 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure your kitchen gets up and running as soon as possible. Our technical experts are also able to attend to kitchen equipment not built by us. The expanding technical team, consisting of 80 technicians and engineers, supported by a vehicular fleet of 25 and counting, is poised to continue our tradition of efficient and prompt service to all our clients.


Kitchen facilities definitely need regular servicing and maintenance, given the constant wear and tear. We provide such support for our clients’ facilities, including those not built by us.

Our technical & engineering team plays a pivotal role in bringing the requisite expertise, skill and experience to ensure that the kitchen equipment works smoothly and efficiently.

Besides servicing of equipment at eye level and below, we have a small division for servicing and maintaining the kitchen exhaust system.

Our well-trained team of exhaust system technical personnel carries out degreasing and servicing of the kitchen exhaust hoods, ducting and fan motor. We employ the newest form of degreasing and cleaning for the exhaust ducting and fan, using the environmentally friendly dry ice methodology.


Thanks, Ivan. We appreciate the efforts put in by everyone to rectify the defects and deliver products that we can all be proud of. We look forward to many happy hours using Q’son equipment.

Mrs Teo

Q’son installed our kitchen in 2016. They provided detailed plans taking our requirements and budget into account. I’m impressed with their high level of customer service and work professionalism.

Michelle Yeung



We know time is money. So get in touch with us and we can work on your requirements as soon as possible.